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Defense Against Shoplifting Charges in Fairfax and Northern Virginia

If you have been arrested or charged with shoplifting or another larceny offense in Fairfax County or any other Northern Virginia court, it's important to find the best shoplifting defense lawyer possible to begin preparing your defense. Even for a 1st offense, shoplifting charges can have serious and long lasting consequences that an experienced shoplifting defense attorney could help you avoid.

Whether the charge is misdemeanor shoplifting, (Petit Larceny -- Va Code 18.2-96) or felony shoplifting for grand larceny of property greather than $200 (Va Code 18.2-95), a shoplifting conviction will result in a permanent criminal record that can never be erased or expunged. For non-citizens, shoplifting convictions can have significant immigration consequences. Even for citizens, having a shoplifting charge on your record could make it difficult to get employment when a security clearance is required.  Since it involves dishonesty, shoplifting is considered a "crime of moral turpitude", which will reflect adversely on future assessments of your credibility.  Like any other criminal case, these charges can also result in significant jail time.  Our shoplifting defense lawyescan help you avoid or at least minimize these consequences.

"Having a Value Greater than $200 . . . "

To make matters worse, the threshold for what constitutes a felony shoplifting offense in Virginia is absurdly low. If the item allegedly stolen was worth greater than $200, your shoplifting case will be charged as Felony Grand Larceny (Va. Code § 18.2-95) - considered an "Unclassified Felony" in Virginia with a sentencing range of between 0-20 years.

Considering the value of items frequently sold at establishments like Macy's, Nordstrums, Neiman Marcus, and other retail stores at Northern Virginia Malls such as Tyson's Corner, Pentagon City, and Fair Oaks Mall, shoplifting charges in Arlington, Fairfax and Prince William Counties frequently result in felony Grand Larceny charges.   Even if it is a 1st offense shoplifting charge and you have no previous criminal record, both your freedom and your future could be at stake for one simple mistake. That is why it is essential to hire a good criminal lawyer with experience defending people accused of shoplifting crimes.

At the Sprano Law Firm, our attorneys know how to fight shoplifting charges. With more than thirty years of combined experience as Fairfax shoplifting defense lawyers, we know how to spot opportunities in these kind of cases and make the most of them. We know how to create options and make them work for you.  You can see some examples of our recent work on shoplifting case by reviewing our case results page.

Shoplifting Charges

Most people caught shoplifting  are caught leaving the store with unpurchased merchandise by a store detective. While these can be difficult cases to defend, they are not impossible. A good shoplifting defense attorney will know how to explore every possible avenue of defense. Sometimes people make an honest mistake and simply forget to pay before leaving the store. Other times the individual will be stopped before they even leave the store and charged with unlawful "Concealment of Merchandise." There are good defenses available, and our laywers have successfully defended people in both of these type of cases.  If that is what happened to you, call one of the Fairfax shoplifting defense lawyers at The Sprano Law Firm as soon as possible to start preparing your defense.

Even when the evidence against you seems overwhelming, there are still options. It does not mean you have no hope of avoiding a felony conviction, criminal record and jail time. It does mean that you should contact an experienced shoplifting defense attorney soon to discuss all of the possible outcomes and strategies applicable to your case. Our lawyers will carefully review every possible option with you. If we determine there is too much overwhelming evidence to fight the shoplifting charge itself, we will pursue other options. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor, it might be possible to get the charge dismissed if you do community service and complete a period of probation. If you have been charged with a felony, our lawyers will develop a strategy to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to try to get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor and avoid jail time if at all possible.

No matter what your situation, our shoplifting laywers in Fairfax will strive to achieve the best possible outcome in your case, the outcome that will have the least impact on your life. Click here for more information on Felony Shoplifting Options.

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