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Experienced Fairfax shoplifting defense lawyers with offices across the street from the Fairfax County Courthouse, the attorneys at the Sprano Law Firm have successfully represented hundreds of people charged with misdemeanor and felony shoplifting in Fairfax.

If you have been charged with misdemeanor or felony Shoplifting in Fairfax County, Virginia, …

You need to hire the best shoplifting defense lawyer you can find.  The experienced attorneys at the Sprano Law Firm can help.  We have been defending people caught and accused of shoplifting in Fairfax County for almost 20 years.   With an office right across the street from the Fairfax County Courthouse, our attorneys are well known and respected by prosecutors and judges alike.

Many people charged with shoplifting are first time offenders, with no prior criminal record at all. For misdeamanors, Fairfax County offers a first offender shoplifting program which could allow you to get your charge dismissed.  Our shoplifiting defense attorneys will help you determine if you qualify for that program, and whether or not it is the best option for your case.

The Fairfax County first offender shoplifting program (OAR) will not result in a criminal conviction if you comply with the terms and conditions.  The requirements are that you complete 50 hours of community service, attend a shoplifting prevention class, and be of general good behavior (meaning no new violations of law) for 6 months.  At the end of that time period, the shoplifting case will be dismissed.

The first offender program is not the best option for everyone charged with shoplifting offenses in Fairfax County, however.  An experienced and highly qualified criminal defense lawyer can help you determine if you have any actual defenses to the charge.  Sometimes people walk out of a store with merchandise they haven’t paid for purely by accident.  Other times the prosecution might not be able to prove their case.   Sometimes the store detective (loss prevention officer) does not show up for court.  A good lawyer may be able to prevent the prosecution from getting a continuance in those circumstances, forcing them to drop (nolle pros) the charge.  Most judges in the Fairfax County General District Court will not allow the prosecutor more than one continuance under such circumstances.  A 2nd attempt will usually result in the defense attorney’s objection being sustained and the charge dismissed.

If you are charged with Felony Shoplifting  (Grand Larceny) in Fairfax County, it means that the value of the items you are accused of stealing are allegedly worth more than $500.  The consequences of a felony theft conviction can be severe.  With a felony on your record it will make it much more difficult to get a job, or even keep the one you have.  If you are not a citizen, a felony larceny conviction greatly increases your chances of getting deported.

With the stakes that high, it is even more important to find a good lawyer with experience handling felony shoplifting cases in Fairfax.   Our attorneys have helped hundreds of people charged with felony shoplifting avoid many  of those consequences. Under the right circumstances, most of the Fairfax County prosecutors are open to the possibility of a plea bargain to reduce the charge from a felony (Grand Larceny) to a misdemeanor (Petit Larceny).  While a misdemeanor conviction will still result in a criminal record, the short and long term consequences will not be nearly as bad as they would be for a felony grand larceny conviction.

Free Initial Consultation with Experienced Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyers!

When you come into our office for a free initial consultation on your Fairfax County shoplifting charge, our lawyers will start by hearing your side of the story. We want to know all of the facts surrounding the incident from your point of view first.  Then we will give you our honest assessment of your case and what we believe are the most likely outcomes.  Unlike some other attorneys, we will not simply tell you what you want to hear in order to get your business, and then hang you out to dry on the day of court.  The reality is that there are always a wide range of possible outcomes in any criminal case, but our experience in Fairfax County helps us narrow down those possibilities so you will have a reasonable idea of what to expect when you get to court.

Our attorneys’ first priority in any criminal case is to get the charges completely dismissed so our clients do not have to go to jail or have a criminal record.  However, if you were caught red handed leaving a store with stolen merchandise, confessed to the crime, and the store security guard and Fairfax County police officer both show up in court ready to testify against you, the reality is that no Fairfax County prosecutor is just going to drop the charge completely.  They may be persuaded to reduce it however.  Regardless, one promise we can and do make is that we will give our maximum effort in each and every case in order to get the very best result possible for our clients.

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