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Alene C. Sprano

Attorney at Law

Attorney Alene C. Sprano earned her J.D. from the District of Columbia School of Law in 1992. Upon graduation, she began her career as a public defender. Almost a decade later, she dedicated her career to private practice where she continues to passionately fight for her clients.

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We have extensive knowledge about all aspects of criminal law, earned through a combined five decades of experience.


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Jury Trial Success Stories

Domestic Assault & Battery

2 disinterested civilian witnesses testified that they saw the defendant assault and batter his wife in the parking lot. Defendant denied.

Not Guilty

Aggravated Sexual Battery

A 13-year-old girl claimed that a 50-year-old landscaper sexually assaulted her in a ditch next to the house. Defendant denied all wrongdoing.

Not Guilty

grand Larceny Auto

Defendant caught driving a stolen car, claimed a stranger at a party let her borrow it, and she did not know it was stolen.


Domestic Assault & Battery

The defendant was charged with beating his sister. He claimed self-defense.

Not Guilty
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Alene Sprano is one of the best criminal defense lawyers you can find in Northern Virginia. She is committed to providing the best criminal defense for anyone who has been accused of felony or misdemeanor crimes in Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, Arlington, Alexandria, or anywhere else in the Northern Virginia area.

She will use her experience and demonstrated record of success at trial to develop and expand the options for a positive outcome across the spectrum of traffic and criminal defense cases: including violent crimes, drug crimes, juvenile cases, sex offenses, shoplifting, and drunk driving. We practice in both state and federal courts.

The Sprano Law Firm represent clients from all walks of life. Adults as well as juveniles, students as well as professionals. Whatever the facts of your case and your particular life situation, we will put our skill and experience to work for you.

When a client does not wish to take the risk of going to trial, either because the evidence is simply overwhelming or the prosecutor offers a good plea bargain, our lawyers put their advocacy skills to work first by negotiating the best possible reduction in charges, and then by presenting a compelling case in mitigation to convince the judge to impose the lowest sentence they can achieve.