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Drug Crimes Attorneys in Fairfax, Virginia

The Sprano Law Firm, LLP provides top-level criminal defense lawyers for people charged with drug crimes in Fairfax and surrounding areas, including Federal Court.

If you have been charged with any type of drug crime, such as drug possession, drug distribution, possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, or conspiracy to distribute narcotics, you need to find the assistance of the most highly qualified and successful drug charge defense lawyers possible. At The Sprano Law Firm, LLP in Fairfax, our skilled attorneys put their experience to work when determining how to aggressively fight the charges you are facing.

Our process begins by evaluating the strength of the government’s case against you. We first consider all aspects of the case, including your situation and goals, as well as the facts, circumstances and evidence in the case. Then we turn our focus onto investigating and researching each and every possible defense to the drug charges you are facing.

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Drug Crimes Defense Lawyers in Fairfax and Northern Virginia

Our attorneys represent clients who are facing state or federal drug charges in Fairfax and Northern Virginia. With more than 30 years of combined defense experience, our lawyers have helped thousands of individuals in all types of drug cases, including:

Any of the above cases can be in relation to any type of controlled substances or narcotics, including marijuana, crack, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, MDMA, methamphetamine (meth), OxyContin and other prescription drugs, acid, LSD, and any other drug that may be the reason for the charges.

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Do not hesitate to seek the guidance of legal counsel when you are dealing with a criminal matter. Whether you have already been charged with a drug crime or are under investigation, it is important to realize the seriousness of your situation. Anything you say and do, especially at the wrong time, can cause severe problems further along in your case.

The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner our attorneys can work to prevent these problems from happening. We can assist you in making educated, informed decisions right from the outset of the case in order to reach a resolution as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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To further discuss our approach to client service in state or federal drug cases, contact The Sprano Law Firm, LLP in Fairfax for a free consultation. Call us for a trial attorney’s advice. For additional information about the cases we handle, please see some of our most recent case results.