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At The Sprano Law Firm, LLP in Fairfax, Virginia, our experienced criminal defense lawyer offers the highest quality representation and best legal defense possible to individuals charged with all types of felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses in state and federal courts across Northern Virginia.

With over 30 years of combined experience in criminal law, defense attorney Alene Sprano has represented thousands of clients accused of criminal offenses in state and federal courts. From DUI to Murder, no case is too big or too small for her to handle. If you or someone you care about has been accused of a crime and is facing possible jail time, give us a call today to find out how we can help.

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Our Fairfax criminal defense attorneys provide top quality comprehensive legal representation for clients facing criminal charges in state and federal courts, including but not limited to the following types of criminal cases:

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The Importance of Good Trial Preparation

Success for a good trial lawyer begins with preparation. Our first step is to talk to you – the client – to make sure we hear and understand your side of the story. We will take the time to gather all of the facts which could potentially impact your case. As appropriate, we will also contact and interview potential witnesses, and use both formal and informal discovery processes to gather as much information from the police and prosecuting attorney as possible.

Once we have all of the facts, our attorneys use their extensive legal knowledge and depth of experience to formulate a strategy that will give you the best possible chance of winning a not guilty verdict at trial and getting the charge dismissed. The final step, of course, is a skill in the courtroom, and our trial lawyers are among the best you will find.

How Trial Preparation Helps with Plea Bargaining

Statistically, the most common result in criminal cases is a plea bargain with an argument as to sentencing. However, even though most cases do not actually end up going to trial, potential defenses developed during the trial preparation stage of the case can have a significant impact on the ultimate result. That is why our attorneys utilize their extensive trial preparation skills when approaching each client’s case and legal issues.

We look for defenses first – giving thorough attention and consideration to all of the technical, procedural and factual aspects of the case. We will then take the time to talk to our clients and explain all of the possible defenses available, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We provide legal advice which is tailored to meet the particular needs of the client given the unique circumstances of each case. If negotiation ends up being the best option, we seek to ensure that our negotiating position is as strong as possible, and that can only happen if all potential defenses have been explored and fully developed.

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It’s Never Too Early to Consider Sentencing Factors in Criminal Defense

As one of the most important aspects of a criminal case, sentencing needs to be considered right from the beginning. Skilled criminal defense lawyers know to start thinking about and planning for potential sentencing issues long before any decisions have been made on whether to fight the case at trial, accept a plea, or face a state or federal judge at a sentencing hearing.

This is where there really is no substitute for experience. The cost of choosing the wrong strategy or ineffective presentation can sometimes be measured in years. Our lawyers have an abundance of experience in representing literally thousands of criminal defendants in Northern Virginia courts. We have an exhaustive knowledge of criminal sentencing guidelines, mitigation factors, and alternative sentencing options. We know which arguments judges will find persuasive and influential, and which arguments may do more harm than good. We will put that experience to work for you to achieve the lowest possible sentence in your case.

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For more information about the scope of our criminal defense practice, contact our lawyers in Fairfax by calling us. We offer a free consultation, and our services extend to Alexandria, Virginia, the Arlington, Prince William, Alexandria, and Loudoun Counties. To review some of our attorneys’ past cases, please see our most recent case results.