Meet the Attorneys of the Sprano Law Firm

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The Sprano Law Firm has two of the best criminal defense lawyers you can find in Northern Virginia.  Our attorneys are committed to providing the best possible criminal defense for anyone who has been accused of misdemeanor or felony crimes in Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun County, Arlington, Alexandria, or anywhere else in the Northern Virginia area.  We represent clients from all walks of life.  Adults as well as juveniles, students as well as professional.  Whatever the facts of your case and your particular life situation, we will put our skill and experience to work for you.

We use our experience and demonstrated record of success at trial to develop and expand the options for a positive outcome across the spectrum of traffic and criminal defense cases: including violent crimes, drug crimes, juvenile cases, sex offenses, shoplifting, and drunk driving. We practice in both the state and federal courts.

When a client does not wish to take the risk of going to trial, either because the evidence is simply overwhelming or the the prosecutor offers a good plea bargain, our lawyers put their advocacy skills to work first by negotiating the best possible reduction in charges, and then by presenting a compelling case in mitigation to convince the judge to impose the lowest sentence they can achieve.

Click here to see some of the results we have been able to achieve in recent years on behalf of our clients: Attorney Case Results.

Contact us in Fairfax for a free consultation about your options. To learn more about each lawyer’s background and experience, see the profiles below.

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