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Attorneys Defending Sex Crimes Against Minors in Fairfax, Virginia

Experienced criminal defense attorneys in Fairfax Virginia defending people accused of child molestation and other types of sexual abuse crimes against minors.

If You Have Been Accused of A Sex Crime Involving a Minor

The criminal defense attorneys of The Sprano Law Firm, LLP defend people charged with all types of sexual offenses against children. These crimes can range from Aggravated Sexual Battery, Sexual Abuse, Child Molestation, Indecent Exposure, Internet Solicitation, Indecent Liberty, Rape, Sodomy or Object Sexual Penetration. This includes “statutory rape” which is often charged as “Unlawful Carnal Knowledge of a Minor.” If you need advice about your options for resolving a serious state or federal sex crime, contact our office in Fairfax for a free consultation as soon as possible.

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Whether the case involves an Internet sex crime like child pornography or Use of An Electronic Communications System For Solicitation of a Minor; or charges of child molesting, fondling, sexual penetration, or other sexual abuse, our Fairfax sex crimes lawyers can review your case and help you mount the best legal defense possible depending on the unique facts and circumstances of your case. The sooner we can get started, the more effective we can be. If you have been contacted by the police during an investigation of any type of sexual offense, it is imperative that you retain a qualified sex crimes defense attorney before talking to them.

Sex crimes involving minors will often give the suspect an opportunity to seek legal counsel between the time of an arrest or investigation and the filing of specific criminal charges. This period represents an excellent chance to get an early start with your defense before the prosecution commits to a particular set of charges. Our early work with the investigation, forensics and even sentencing issues can give you important leverage toward a favorable outcome.

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We advise people about the best ways to approach and resolve a wide range of sex crimes involving minors, including:

  • Indecent liberties with a minor, including fondling, molestation or exposure

  • Custodial indecent liberties charges against teachers, nurses, coaches, clergy or other adults who work with children and youth groups

  • Aggravated Sexual Battery, sexual abuse of a child under age 13

  • Rape, Sodomy, or Sexual Penetration of a child under age 13

  • Unlawful carnal knowledge of a minor, or statutory rape

  • Sex offenses among teenagers including texting (sexting), statutory rape, child pornography

  • Internet sex crimes — enticement, solicitation or child porn

  • Civil commitment cases for people who have been convicted of a sex crime involving a minor

  • Sex offender registration violations

At The Sprano Law Firm, LLP in Fairfax, Virginia, our experienced criminal defense attorneys know how to spot the most effective defense strategies for any type of sex crime case. We will do everything possible to defend you or mitigate both the short-term and long-term consequences of your case. Charges of sexually abusing a child are among the most serious type of criminal cases imaginable. Lengthy prison sentences are always a very real possibility, as well as lifetime designation as a convicted felon and registered sex offender. These are often extremely difficult cases to defend, but our lawyers have been accepting this challenge for almost twenty years. During that time we have represented literally hundreds of criminal defendants in child sex crime cases. If your case can be won, we have the knowledge, intelligence and ability to win it. If a plea bargain is in your best interests – which is often the case when there is already a full confession before we get involved – we will work tirelessly to strike the best deal possible, and then use all of our skill and experience to build a compelling case in mitigation to achieve the lowest sentence possible depending on the facts, circumstances and history of each case. For more information about our approach to defending cases involving sexual abuse against children, contact our office in Fairfax for a free consultation.

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