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2015 Attorney Case Results

Disclaimer:  Case results are posted here for historical reference only.  Every case is unique on its own facts and circumstances.  Past results are no guarantee of future outcomes.

September 2015:  Father charged with Domestic Assault and Battery / Child Abuse for slapping his 15 year old daughter after he caught her messing around on the couch with a boy.  Attorney convinced the prosecutor to drop the charges.

September 2015:  Defendant charged with two misdemeanors in Fairfax traffic court:  Reckless Driving and Driving on a Suspended License.  First charge was reduced to simple speeding (non-criminal traffic infraction), and the second charge was dropped.

September 2015:  Man charged with Distribution of Controlled Drug (Synthetic Xtacy), and two counts of Distribution of Marijuana.  Marijuana charges dismissed at trial.  Guilty of Distribution but judge sentenced him to straight probation despite Sentencing Guidelines recommendation of 1 1/2 years.

September 2015:  Defendant charged with Sexual Abuse of a child hired during the investigation stage of the case.  Attorney was able to help convince the police not to file any charges.

September 2015:  Defendant caught doing 95 mph in Fauquier County and charged with Reckless Driving.  Sentenced to $150 fine and only suspended jail time.

September 2015:  Client accused of Child Sexual Abuse (Molestation) hired attorney while the police were still investigating the case.  Result - no charges ever filed.

September 2015:  Client charged with Possession of Marijuana in Federal Court when her car was searched coming onto Quantico Marine Corps Base.  Plea agreement allowed client to avoid jail time and have the charge dismissed after one year of probation.

September 2015: Client charged with Robbery, Abduction, and Domestic Assault in Arlington.  The Abduction and Assult were on video.  Plea bargain resulted in the Robbery and Abduction charges being dropped.  Defendant plead guilty to Domestic Assault (misdemeanor) with two years of probation.

September 2015:  Defendant originally charged with twenty counts of Possession of Child Pornography entered plea to five counts.

August 2015:  Possession of Heroin.  Defendant had one prior felony possession conviction already.  Turned down plea offer of misdemeanor with two weeks in jail.  Client chose to plead to felony instead and got straight probation.

August 2015:  Felony Grand Larceny Shoplifting charge in Fairfax County.  Reduced to Misdemeanor Petit Larceny with no active jail sentence.

August 2015:  Client charged with Making a False Police Report and Permitting an Unlicensed Person to Drive, in Prince William County.  Both charges dismissed in General District Corut.

August 2015:  Felony Grand Larceny Shoplifting in Arlington.  Over $1750 worh of items and defendant also charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor for concealing some in the child's stroller.  Contributing charge was dropped in exchange for plea to the grand larceny.  Defendant given 2 year deferred finding, with charged to be dismissed if compliant.

August 2015:  Juvenile facing several felony charges for destruction of property during vandalism spree.  Attorney negotiated pre-charge diversion program with restitution and apology letter.

August 2015:  Sentencing for 3 counts of Possession of Child Pornography.  Judge gave low end of guidelines to ensure defendant would serve sentence in the local jail rather than state prison.

August 2015:  Possession of Marijuana charge in Fairfax General District Court reduced to Possession of Paraphernalia.

August 2015: 86 mph in a 55 mph zone Reckless Driving reduced to Speeding, 74 in a 55.

August 2015:  Two counts of felony sex charges - Indecent Liberties with a Minor - reduced through plea bargaining to one misdemeanor charge of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor (non sex offense), with no jail time.

August 2015:  Defendant charged with False Statements on a Firearms Background check.  Case dismissed at preliminary hearing.

July 2015:  Successful motion to modify probation in Prince William County, to allow man convicted of ten counts of child pornography, who had served his sentence and been released, to move back home to his family including his own children.  Motion granted.  Judge order probation condtion modified to read "no contact with children other than his own."

July 2015:  Bond motion for man charged with 2 counts of Indecent Liberties against a Minor (child molesting).  Defendant professed his innocence and had no prior record.  Bond motion granted.

July 2015:  Domestic Assault and Battery in Fairfax dismissed after 2 years of probation and domestic violence classes.

July 2015:  Defendant charged with Abduction and Malicious Wounding in Falls Church / Arlington.  Charges dismissed at preliminary hearing.

July 2015:  Client charged with Trespassing in Franconia Park after dark had charge dismissed after 6 months of good behavior and completing 50 hours of community service.

July 2015:  Possession of Marijuana (2nd offense) charge in Fairfax reduced to Possession of Paraphernalia to avoid license suspension.

July 2015:  Fairfax Reckless Driving 79/55 reduced to Failure to Obey a Highway Sign.

July 2015:  Defendant in Fairfax traffic court charged with criminal Reckless Driving for watching YouTube videos while driving on highway.  Charge reduced to non-criminal traffic infraction.

July 2015:  ASAP Non-Compliance (Probation Violation) in Fairfax.  Client had 3 ignition interlock violations.  Judge agreed to extend probation but not put defendant in jail.

July 2015:  Defendant charged with DUI - 2nd offense in 5 years, in Prince William County.  BAC was .18.  Pleaded guilty with 5 days in jail.

June 2015:  Preliminary hearing in Fairfax.  Client charged with 8 counts of Distribution of Child Pornogrphy and 10 counts of Possession of Child Pornography.  All counts of Distribution and 2 counts of Posession dismissed.

June 2015:  Man charged with Assault and Battery after expelling an unwanted salesman from his house (and propelling him down the front steps, then dragging him off the property).  Case dismissed on grounds of justified use of force to expel trespasser.

June 2015:  Client charged with Probation Violation in Arlington County Juvenile Court.  Avoided jail time based on attorney's explanation of circumstances.

June 2015:  Reckless Driving 107 mph in Warren County.  Successful Plea bargain resulted in client receiving no jail time in exchange for a hefty fine.

June 2015:  Reckless Driving trial in Stafford County resulting in reduction to non-criminal traffic infraction of Improper Driving after traffic school.

June 2015:  Possession of Marijuana in federal court when client caught with weed in her car coming onto a military base.  Client received 1st offender dismissal with eligibility for expungment after probation.

June 2015:  Prosecution in Stafford County filed motion to revoke bond on Strangulation, Abduction and Domestic Assault charges.  Motion denied.  Client allowed to remain on bond pending trial.

June 2015:  Defendant charged with driving on suspended license in Stafford County.  Charge amended to No Operator's License, no additional jail time.

June 2015:  During raid on house of prostitution, client found with drugs in his room and backpack resulting in charges of possession of marijuana, 2 felony counts of controlled substance, and 1 felony possession with intent to distribute drugs.  All charges dropped except one felony possession charge.  Prosecution agreed to 1st time offender ("251") disposition at sentencing, allowing defendant to avoid a felony conviction.

June 2015:  Jury trial for defendant charged with Distribution of Controlled Substance, Distribution of Marijuana, Possession of Immitation Controlled Substance, and Possession of Marijuana.  Hand to hand distribution to an undercover detective but attorney raised some issues regarding the laboratory testing.  Guilty of Distribution of Controlled Drug but all other charges dismissed.  Client was allowed to remain on bond pending sentencing.

June 2015:  Possession of Marijuan Charge dismissed by nolle presqui.

June 2015:  Driving on a Suspended License charge reduced to Driving Without an Operator's License, with no active jail time.

June 2015:  Defendant's Possession of Marijuana charge amended to Possession of Drug Paraphernalia with a small fine, preserving his ability to receive first offender treatment and dismissal on unrelated pending felony drug charges.

June 2015: Client charged with 7 Counts of Possession of Child Pornography.  4 Counts dismissed at preliminary hearing.

June 2015: Littering charge in Prince William County General District Court dismissed.

May '15: Fairfax DUI with Blood Alcohol Content of .19 facing mandatory minimum jail sentence of 5 days. Challenge to conduct of field sobriety tests resulted in reduction of BAC and no active jail time.

May '15: Defendant charged with Robbery and Abduction in Arlington. Robbery charge, facing sentence of 5 years to life in prison, dismissed at preliminary hearing.

May '15: Defendant charged with Class 1 misdemeanor of Eluding a Police Officer in Fairfax Traffic Court. Failed to pull over for 2 1/2 miles. Charge reduced to minor traffic citation with a small fine.

May '15: Defendant charged with 6 counts of Abduction and Malicious Wounding by Mob in Arlington / Falls Church. Held in jail without bond. Attorney filed successfull bond motion to get defendant released from jail.

May '15: Reckless Driving case reduced to simple speeding, avoiding criminal record and license suspension.

May '15: Defendant charged with Felony Distribution of Drugs (Extasy), Felony Drug Possession(Heroine), and Possession of Marijuana. Drug Distribution and Possession of Marijuana charges dismissed, in Prince William Circuit Court.

April '15: Felony Shoplifting (Grand Larceny) reduced to misdemeanor with no active jail sentence.

April '15: Defendant charged with Indecent Exposure and Public Masturbation, lengthy criminal record including prior felony conviction. Plea bargain to Ind Exp with other charged dropped, $100 fine with no jail time or probation.

April '15: Felony Shoplifting in Loudoun County with 6 prior offenses. Sentenced to straight probation again, with no active jail sentence.

April '15: Felony Prescription Fraud repeated 9 times with 3 probation violations. Released with time served.

April '15: Domestic Assault and Battery against a Family Member included allegations of Felony Strangulation and additional criminal charge of Interfering with 911 Call. Deferred disposition on misdemeanor assault charge, dismissed after anger managment classes.

April '15: Felony Shoplifting from multiple stores at Fair Oaks Mall. College student spared a felony record with charge reduced to a single misdemeanor and no active jail time.

April '15: Defendant charged with Felony Strangulation and Domestic Assault and Battery of a Family Member (girlfriend) in Stafford County, held in jail without bond after violating the conditions of his release. Bond motion successful and defendant re-admitted to bail.

April '15: Defendant charged with 18 counts of Child Pornography Offenses including Possession and Distribution (file sharing) with many of the charges carrying mandatory minimum sentences. Held without bond by the magistrate but attorney's bond motion was argued successfully and the defendant was released to his father.

April '15: Defendant charged with Assault on a Federal Law Enforcment Officer in Federal Court in the Eastern District of Alexandria. Case dismissed.

April '15: Defendant held without bond on 6 counts of Possession of Child Pornography. Attorney filed successful bond motion and client was released from jail.

April '15: Traffic court defendant in Arlington County had case dismissed despite lengthy prior record.

April '15: Defendant charged with Child Abuse and Neglect for leaving her 2 year old unattended in a car in the parking lot of a grocery story. Case dismissed upon completion of community service, with no admission or finding of guilty. Fairfax County Juvenile Court.

April '15: Fairfax County Possession of Marijuana charge dismissed.

April '15: Defendant charged with Reckless Driving and Possession of Marijuana. Defendant trying to become a Firefighter and could not have drug charge or license suspension. Marijuana case dismissed. $250 fine with no suspended license on Reckless.

April '15: Defendant charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor in Fairfax for the alleged statutory rape of an underage girl. Charge amended to misdemeanor non-sex offense with a fine and probation - no active jail sentence.

Jan '15: Defendant charged with Resisting Arrest. Convicted of only Drunk in Public.

Jan '15: Defendant charged with Robbery and Attempted Abuction. Bond motion granted over prosecutor's objection. Defendant released.

Jan '15: Defendant being investigated for Possession of Child Pornography hired attorney before talking to police. Computer was seized and even though illegal images were found, no charges will be filed.

Jan '15: Defendant charged with Child Abuse (Contributing to the Delinquency or Abuse of a Minor) in Prince William. Charge reduced to Trespass to avoid immigration consequences.

Jan '15: Defendant charged with Aggravated Sexual Battery of a Minor in Prince William County. Released on bail.

Jan '15: Driving Under the Influence of Drugs charge in Federal Court. Case dismissed.

Jan '15: Violation of Supervised Release hearing in Federal Court. 20 days in jail for defendant's 5th violation.

Jan '15: Charges of Driving on Revoked License and Presenting False Identification to Law Enforcement, in Herndon Court. DOR reduced to lesser Driving on Suspended. Fake ID charge dropped.

Jan '15: Possession of Marijuana case in Federal Court dismissed.

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