2014 Attorney Case Results

Dec ’14: Juvenile defendant charged with Felony Discharge of a Firearm at an Occupied Dwelling, in Loudoun County JDR Court. Charge reduced to misdemeanor, record sealed from public. Client released with time served, sentenced to community service.

Dec ’14: Felony DUI defendant sentenced to minimum sentence of 90 days in jail in Fairfax.

Nov ’14: Driving Without a License case in Farifax dismissed.

Nov ’14: Supervised Release Violation in Federal Court in Alexandria. Defendant given 20 days for multiple violations when the guidelines recommended 4-10 months.

Nov ’14: Probation Violation in Fairfax for positive drug test. Defendant on probation for prescription drug fraud. Released on time served.

Nov ’14: Plea bargain in case of Aggravated Sexual Battery in Fairfax County. Defendant who made recorded confession in phone sting pleaded guilty to one charge in exchange for 4 other charges being dropped.

Nov ’14: Bond motion granted for client in Prince William County who was charged with Possession of Exctasywhile already on bond for pending Distribution of Exctasy.

Nov ’14: Possession of Marijuana charge in Fairfax dismissed.

Nov ’14: Underage Possession of Alcohol Charge in Falls Church dismissed after community service.

Nov ’14: Driving on Suspended – 3rd offense, reduced to Driving Without a License, no active jail time, in Farfax County GDC.

Oct ’14: Defendant charged with Reckless Driving for passing a stopped school bus. Case amended to no points traffic infraction.

Oct ’14: Defendant charged with multiple counts of Contributing to the Delinquencey of a Minor in Fairfax Juvenile Court. All charges dismissed.

Oct ’14: Defendant charged with Driving on Revoked License for prior DUI. Case amended to Driving Without a Valid License. No jail time, allowing client to keep his job.

Oct ’14: Reckless driving speeding case reduced to simple speeding.

Oct ’14: Defendant charged with Interfering with a 911 Call in Fairfax JDR. Charge dismissed.

Oct ’14: Defendant pleads guilty to Felony DUI (1-5) to avoid prosecution for Felony Forgery of a Public Document (2-10)

Oct ’14: Defendant charged with Domestic Violence (Assault and Battery of a Family Member) in Fairfax. Charge amended to Destruction of Property, to be dismissed upon completion of anger managment classes.

Oct ’14: Client charged with DUI 2nd and Driving on Revoked / Suspended License in Fairfax. Driving on Revoked charge dropped, DUI 2nd amended to DUI 1st, case continued for further investigation.

Sep ’14: Probation Violation for Defendant charged with violating his probation on DUI 2nd offenseby failing to attend ASAP. Violation dismissed. Defendant re-enrolled in ASAP.

Sep ’14: Defendant charged with Felony Obtaining Money by False Pretenses for depositing $2500 check electronically, and then cashing same check later that day. Charge dismissed.

Sep ’14: Preliminary Hearing for defendant charged with Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography. Lawyer negotiated plea agreement so that sentencing guidelines will recommend probation.

Sep ’14: Defendant charged with 6th Driving on Suspended charge in General District Traffic Court of Alexandria. 10 days in jail.

Sep ’14: Possession of Marijuana case in Fairfax County. Charge dismissed.

Sep ’14: Reckless Driving Speeding case in Fairfax reduced to 4 point traffic infraction.

Aug ’14: Preliminary Hearing for defendant charged with 6 counts of Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography in Arlington County. All but 2 of the charges dismissed.

Aug ’14: Possession of Marijuana in Loudoun County. Charge amended to Possession of Drug Paraphernalia to avoid mandatory suspension of driver’s license.

Aug ’14: DUI accident case with BAC over .15 (carrying 5 day mandatory minimum sentence). Charge amended to avoid jail time.

Aug ’14: Defendant charged with Felony Shoplifting and Felony Embezzlement in Fairfax County. One charge dropped and the other reduced to a misdemeanor with no active jail sentence.

Aug ’14: Defendant charged with Felony Shoplifting in Fairfax County. Case reduced to misdemeanor with no active jail time.

Aug ’14: Defendant charged with being Intoxicated in Public in Fairfax City. Case dismissed after community service.

Aug ’14: Domestic Violence (Assault and Battery) case in Fairfax JDR Court. Case dismissed.

Aug ’14: Possession of Marijuana case in Fairfax. Charge dropped.

Aug ’14: Reckless Driving case in Arlington County reduced to traffic infraction after completion of traffic school.

Augl ’14: Reckless Driving speeding case in Fairfax County reduced to low point traffic infraction.

July ’14: Juvenile defendant charged with Possession of Marijuana and drug paraphernalia in Fairfax Juvenile Court. Charges dismissed after 6 months probation.

Jul ’14: Bond motion for defendant charged with three counts of Aggravated Sexual Battery and Indecent Liberties against a minor in Prince William County. Motion granted. Defendant released from jail.

Jul ’14: Bond motion for defendant charged with Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography in Fairfax County. Bond motion granted. Defendant released on bail.

Jul ’14: Bond Reduction motion for client charged with multiple counts of Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography in Arlington County. Motion granted. Defendant released from jail.

Jul ’14: Juvenile with extensive prior record charged with Underage Possession of Alcohol and Petit Larceny Shoplifting in Fairfax JDR Court. Alcohol charge dropped. Shoplifting to be dismissed after community service.

Jul ’14: Motion to amend bond on Domestic Assault case in Fairfax granted. Defendant allowed to return home at request of alleged victim.

Jul ’14: Defendant charged with the misdemeanors of Obstruction of Justice and Trespessing. Case on appeal to Circuit Court. Obstruction charge dropped. Trespessing to be dismissed after community service.

Jul ’14: Defendant sentenced to 6 months on charge of Production of Child Pornography. Had been facing 2 counts of mandatory minimum sentences of 3 years each.

Jul ’14: Defendant charged with violaiton of probation Grand Larceny and Felony Bad Check case. Violation dismissed.

Jul ’14: Attorney successfully argues bond motion for client charged with felony abduction, assault and battery and destruction of property. Defendant released.

Jul ’14: Motion to Reconsider Sentence for Probation Violation on Child Pornography Charge. Motion granted. Defendant released from jail.

Jul ’14: Reckless Driving Accident case dismissed in Fairfax County General District Traffic Court.

Jun ’14: Assault and Battery charge in Fairfax JDR Court – teacher accused of assaulting student in class. Charge dismissed.

Jun ‘ 14: Domestic Assault and Battery case in Spotsylvania JDR Court. Step father accused of hitting 17 year old step-son. Client was offered plea bargain with defered disposition with anger management counseling and probation, then the case would be dismissed after 12 months. Client turned down the plea offer. Lawyer took the case went to trial on self-defense claim. Not Guilty.

Jun ’14: Reckless Driving in Warren County reduced to simple speeding after traffic school.

Jun ’14: Attorney argued successful bond motion in Fairfax Circuit Court for client charged with Obstruction of Justice, Trespassing, and Failure to Appear.

Jun ’14: Shoplifting (Petit Larceny) case dismissed by nolle proseque when witness failed to show up for court.

Jun ’14: Juvenile charged with Sexual Battery in school. Confession and several independent witnesses. Lawyer negotiated reduction of the charge to simple assault with probation and no jail time.

Jun ’14: Protective Order which attorney had dismissed after trial in Alexandria General District Court, was dismissed in Circuit Court for non-appearance of complaining witness.

May ’14: Client had three shoplifting charges in Spotsylvania General District Court. Lawyer got charges reduced to one count with no jail time.

May ’14: Attorney helped client avoid jail time for Driving on Suspended charge in Alexandria General District Court, despite multiple prior offenses.

May ’14: Possession of Marijuana case in Prince William County – City of Dumfries. Attorney convinced prosecutor to amend to Possession of Paraphernalia with no suspended license, to allow client to keep his job.

May ’14: Domestic Violence charge in Federal Court. Case dismissed.

May ’14: Client charged with multiple armed robberies at three different places on the same night. Initially faced over 25 years in mandatory minimum sentences alone. Attorney negotiated plea bargain to get most of the charges dropped. Sentencing guidelines still recommended 13-18 years. Sentencing argument with mitigation evidence convinced judge to give only 5.

May ’14: Juvenile charged with possession of alcohol in Fairfax Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. Lawyer got case dismissed with community service.

May ’14: Driving without a License case in Alexandria GDC – dismissed by nolle prosequi.

Apr ’14: Client driving with valid license from Puerto Rico was incorrectly charged with Driving Without a License by Fairfax County Police. Despite the officer’s vehement objections, attorney convinced the prosecutor that the defendant was innocent and the case was dismissed.

Apr ’14: Client charged with Possession of Marijuana. Offered plea bargain to .251 program (1st offender’s disposition) but turned it down on lawyer’s advice to take the case to trial. Case dismissed by nolle prosequi.

Apr ’14: Reckless Driving case in Arlington General District Court dropped to Failure to Pay Full Time and Attention with no DMV points assessment.

Apr ’14: Attorney took Protective Order case to trial and won in Alexandria GDC. Protective Order dismissed.

Apr ’14: Reckless Driving accident case in Fairfax County reduced to Improper Driving to avoid criminal record and license suspension.

Feb ’14: Client’s Reckless Driving by Speeding charge reduced to a simple traffic infraction to avoid a criminal record in Prince William County.

Feb ’14: Defendant charged with distribution of $10,000 worth of Exctasy (“Molly”), had prior record including previous drug dealing convictions. Lawyer negotiated plea to reduced charge of imitation controlled substance, with sentencing agreement to no more than one year.

Jan ’14: Defendant charged with Reckless Driving by speeding 20 mph over the limit in Fairfax County. Lawyer negotiated reduced charge to 11-19 mph over the limit, to avoid a criminal record.

Jan ’14. Client charged with Domestic Violence and Child Abuse in Fairfax County, with 3 prior domestic violence charges on his criminal record, received only a fine with no jail time.

Jan ’14: Defendant pleaded guilty to Possession of Child Pornography in state court, to avoid Distribution charges and a 5 year or more mandatory minimum sentence on Federal Child Pornography Charges.

Jan ’14: Reckless Driving by speeding over 80 mph reduced to non-criminal speeding to avoid a criminal record in Prince William County General District Court.

Jan ’14: Man charged in Fairfax County with 2 robberies, 1 attempted robbery, 3 counts of use of a firearm, abduction, wearing masks, ….all on video. Pleaded guilty to 1 robbery and attempted robbery, all other charges were dismissed. Click here for more information about our Violent Crimes Defense Lawyers.

Jan ’14: Defendant charged in Racketeering indictment alleging Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine in Federal Court, faced 20 year mandatory minimum sentence. Lawyer succeeded in getting charged reduced, allowing defendant to plead guilty to lesser charge carrying only 5 year minimum.

Jan ’14: Client charged with the misdemeanor of Indecent Exposure in Arlington. Charge was reduced to trespassing to avoid the stigma of having a sex crime on his criminal record, and it will be dismissed completely after 1 year of probation and community service.

Jan ’14: Defendant with prior record was charged with multiple counts of Felony Prescription Fraud in Fairfax County. Defense Attorney was able to negotiate agreement to a single count, with the option of having the charge reduced to a misdemeanor after probation.

Jan ’14: College student who was charged with Felony Distribution of more than 1/2 Oz of Marijuanahad his charge reduced to simple Possession of Marijuan (misdemeanor) with no active jail time.

Jan ’14: Defendant held without bond in Fairfax County after being charged with >Felony Distribution of more than 5 Pounds of Marijuana. Lawyer argued bond motion and got client released.

Jan ’14: Juvenile charged with multiple felonies in Loudoun County JDR Court, including felony shoplifting, grand larceny, and conspiracy. Charges reduced to one misdemeanor with the option of a complete dismissal after a year of probation and community service.

Jan ’14: Defendant released after serving time on Child Pornography charges was charged with violating supervised release probation in Federal Court. Lawyer took the case to trial and won. Charge dismissed.

Jan ’14: Defendant charged with Class 1 Misdemeanor for Failing to Pay the Metro Fare in Fairfax County. Lawyer convinced prosecutor to drop the charge in exchange for community service.

Jan ’14: Man charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in Prince William County General District Court, with 2 prior drunk driving charges on his record, had his charge reduced to a 1st offense and served 1/2 of the mandatory jail time he had originally been facing.

Jan ’14: Man charged with Aggravated Sexual Battery of a Minor (Felony Child Molesting), faced up to 20 years in prison and mandatory lifetime registration as a convicted sex offender. Prosecutor agreed to reduce the charge to a non-sexual misdemeanor offense. Defendant avoided a felony sex offense conviction and did not have to spend another day in jail.

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