2016 Attorney Case Results

Disclaimer: Past results are posted here for historical reference only. Every case is unique and past results are no guarantee of future success.

May 2016:  Client charged with felony grand larceny, reduced to petit larceny.

May 2016:  Client with lengthy record of drug charges in multiple states, sentenced to time served.

May 2016:  Client charged with grand larceny and buying stolen goods, changed to petit larceny.

April 2016:  Client was charged with possession of marijuana and felony distribution of an immitation drug.  Felony charge was dropped in exchange for plee to a misdomenor.

April 2016:  Client charged with felony, failure to return rental property for trashing and abbandoning her rental car.  Pled guilty to misdomeanor with no active jail time.

April 2016:  Client was charged with felony child pornoghraphy offences for attempting to exchange photos with a girl he met online.  Lawyer got plee agreement for charges to be dismissed after one year of good behavior.

March 2016:  Client was charged with speeding in the town of Vienna, charge was reduced to no points offense.

March 2016:  Defending was charged with three counts of child ponagraphy, sentenced to two years.

March 2016:  Client was charged with an embezzelment of over 80,000 dollars.  Prosecutor agreed to probation if restitution was payed by sentencing.

March 2016:  Client charged with criminal reckless driving, charge reduced to minor traffic infraction.

March 2016:  Piliminary hearing with client charged with two counts of possession of marijuana, one charge was dropped.

March 2016:  Client charged with assult and battery at a shopping mall in Prince William county.  Prosecutor agreed to drop charge after one year and payment of restitution.

March 2016:  Client charged with driving on a revoked and suspended license.  Attorney convinced prosecutor to drop charges.

March 2016:  Client was charged with public masturbation in Loudoun County General District Court, based on eye witness testimony and video taken by neighbor.  Given a suspended jail sentence plus court costs.

March 2016:  Defendant charged with misdomeanor for faliure to move for a emergancy vehicle.  Charge dropped to defective equiptment generally.

March 2016:  Client charged with possession of marijuana in the town of Vienna.  Charge dropped after community service and clean drug tests.

March 2016:  Client charged with multiple counts of possession and distribution of child pornography.

March 2016:  Juvenile charged with sexual battery at school.  Charge reduced to assult and battery at trial.  Dissmissed after one year of probation.

March 2016:  Possession of Cocaine charge dismissed.

February 2016:  Client charged with Grand Larceny and Felony Larceny With Intent To Sell in Fairfax.  Both charges dimissed at Preliminary Hearing.

Febuary 2016:  Client charged with DUI, Eluding the Police, Driving on Suspended License, Drunk in Public, and Reckless Driving.  All charges dropped except Reckless Driving.

February 2016: Motion to Suppress granted in Fairfax County Circuit Court on Possession of Cocaine Charge. Judge ruled that search of defendant violated the Fourth Amendment because there was no probable cause at the time.

February 2016: Client charged in Fairfax with 7 counts of Embezzlement totalling over $20,000. All but 1 count dismissed at preliminary hearing.

February 2016: High speed reckless driving charge in Stafford County General District Court reduced to 3 point traffic infraction.

February 2016: Bond Motion granted for client charged with Malicous Wounding, Felony Domestic Violence, Abuction, Strangulation and Violation of a Protective Order.

February 2016: Client Charged with Driving on a Suspended License had bench warrant issued against him for Failure to Appear when he missed his first court date. After hired lawyer, both charges were dimssed.

February 2016: Juvenile charged with Assault at school in Prince William County Juvenile Court. Sentenced to probation and counseling.

February 2016: Client facing 5 year mandatory minimum for Possession of a Firearm While Distributing More than Five Pounds of Marijuana (18 lbs). Gun charged dropped and marijuan amount reduced to less than 5 pounds pursuant to plea agreement.

February 2016: Client charged with Felony Shoplifting (Grand Larceny) and Larceny With Intent to Sell in Fairfax. Both charges dropped at preliminary hearing.

February 2016: Client sentenced to low end of the sentencing guidelines for multiple counts of possession of child pornography. Originally charged with distribution of child porn but charges were reduced during plea negotiations. Sentence ensured that client will serve time in local jail rather than prison envirnonment.

January 2016: Client charged with 3rd offense Driving on a Suspended License and 2nd Offense Possession of Marijuana. Lawyer was able to convince prosecutor to agree to no jail time despite prior record.

January 2016: Indecent Exposure case in Arlington resulted in sentence of probation with no active jail time.

January 2016: Grand Larceny and Larceny with Intent to Sell charges in Fairfax County dismissed at preliminary hearing.

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