2017 Attorney Case Results

Disclaimer:  Past results are posted here for historical reference only.  Every case is unique and past results are no guarantee of future success.

Parent charged with Felony Child Abuse.  Burn marks found on child.  Case reduced to misdemeanor after comletion of therapy.  No active jail time to serve.

Juvenile charged with Felony Sex offense in Loudoun County.  Case resolved as misdemeanor with possible dismissal after completion of probation and therapy.

Client charged with shoplifting in Arlington County.  Case dismissed pursuant to plea agreement after 6 months of probation and community service.

Eighth grade math teacher at Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School in Falls Church was accused by at least two of his students of repeatedly molesting them both during and after school.  Plea agreement resolved the case to avoid more serious charges, and after listening to mitigating arguments presented at sentencing, the judge ordered the defendant to serve only 8 years (20 with 12 suspended).

Defendant charged with two counts of shoplifting in Fairfax County.  Claimed it was a case of mistaken identity.  Charges dismissed.

Client convicted of DUI in Fairfax General District Court.  Sentenced to ASAP classes with restricted driver’s license for 12 months.  Related traffic charge was dismissed.

Man charged with Assault and Battery for pulling a knife during a bar fight.  Claimed that he was “sucker punched” and then surrounded by multiple attackers.  Case dismissed by nolle prosequi.

Juvenile client was an accessory to 1st Degree Murder, Robbery, Burglarly While Armed, and Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony, carrying possible sentences of 48 years to Life x 3.  Defendant had set up and participated in the robbery of a drug dealer that resulted in the man’s father being shot and killed.  Pursuant to plea agreement with prosecutors, defendant was certified as an adult but only charged with Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, with a maximum possible sentence of 10 years.  (See 2018 results for sentencing info).

Defendant charged with Felony Welfare Fraud.  Charge reduced to misdemeanor with no active jail time, contingent on client’s payment of restitution.

Woman charged in shoplifting incident with 4 felonies including 2 counts of Grand Larceny and 2 counts of Possession of Burglarious Tools.  At preliminary hearing 3 charges were dismissed and the remaining charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.

Client convicted of Reckless Driving in Fairfax County GDC, for going 80 mph in a 40 mph zone, but was able to get a restricted license.

Defendant charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DUI/DWI) and Reckless Driving 80/50.  The DUI had an elevated Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of > .15%, carrying a 5 day mandatory minimum jail sentence.  Plea bargain resulted in dropping the Reckless Driving and reducing the DUI to a standard 1st offense, with no elevated BAC and therefore no active jail sentence.

Defendant originally charged with 10 counts of Distribution of Child Pornography, including 9 counts of Second or Subsequent (each with a 5 year mandatory minimum sentence), pleaded guilty in state court to 10 counts of Possession of Child Pornography.

Juvenile charged with Underage Possession of Alcohol in Arlington JDR Court.  Case dismissed upon performance of community service.

Client charged with Internet Solicitationo of a Minor, for having sexual conversations and attempting to meet an under age boy.  It was actually a sting conducted by an undercover police officer.  Notwithstanding that the defendant faced two consecutive five year mandatory minimum sentences, through a combination of plea negotiations and a mitigation argument at sentencing, the attorney was able to secure a sentence of only two years.

Client charged with Domestic Assault and Battery (Child Abuse) for using corporal punishment on his son.  Case was continued for one year with no guilty plea or finding.  Dismissed after family counseling and no further problems.

Client charged with 2 counts of hand-to-hand Distribution of Marijuana to an undercover officer, who bragged that he could get “as much as you need, any time”, pleaded guilty to one count and received probation with no jail time at sentencing.

Defendant charged with DUI and Driving on A Revoked License in Loudoun County General District Court.  The Driving on Revoked charge was dropped in exchange for a plea to the DUI.

Felony Possession of Controlled Substance charge reduced at the preliminary to misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana with no active jail sentence.

Defendant charged with Felony Distribution of more than 1/2 oz of Marijuana and Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance.  At the preliminary hearing the marijuana charge was reduced to a misdemeanor with no active jail time, and the felony possession charge was dismissed.

Defendant charged in Federal Court for multiple “smash-and-grab” gun store robberies entered plea to single count of conspiracy to steal firearms.  After mitigation case presented at sentencing, received sentence of only four years in prison, even though at least 35 firearms had been sold on the black market and at least one had already been used in a homicide by the time of sentencing.  [News Story]

Client charged with Domestic Violence in Fairfax stemming from fight with her adult sister.  Prosecutor agreed to drop the charge on the trial date.

Possession of Marijuana case in Herndon results in .251 disposition (dismissal after ASAP classes and community service).

Misdemeanor Shoplifting case in Fairfax County General District Court results in dismissal by nolle prosequi.

Client charged with Drunk in Public in the Town of Vienna.  Case dismissed with no guilty finding upon completion of 20 hours of community service.

Successful motion to reduce sentence based on “Rule 35” in Federal Court.  Sentence for robbery and gun charges reduced from 35 years (the mandatory minimum at the time) to 15 years based on defendant’s substantial assistance.

Defendant charged with four counts of Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft in Fairfax County.  Accepted plea to one misdemeanor with no active jail time.

Defendant charged with Possession of Marijuaa in Vienna General District Court.  Case continued and then dismissed upon proof of clean drug screans, drug class, and community service.

Felony Possession of Heroin charge dismissed in Fairfax Circuit Court after successful completion of probation.

Defendant charged along with his brother for Possession of Marijuana in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Alexandria.  Since his brother was on probation, the client was willing to take the charge himself as long as his brother’s case was dropped.  The prosecutor agreed, and the client will still have his charge dismissed and expunged after 6 months of probation.

Client charged with Felony Abduction and Domestic Assault and Battery in Arlington.  Incident was treated as a hostage standoff, as victim texted friend for help when she was trapped and being dragged around her apartment.  Defendant pleaded guilty to Abduction and received a sentence of 6 months.

Defendant charged with Aggravated Sexual Battery for allegedly molesting 6 year-old girl who was neighbor of his.  Client had no criminal record, family of his own, and his children were in the same room when the abuse allegedly occurred.  He denied any wrong doing.  Prosecutor offered an Alford Plea to misdemeanor Assault with no jail time.  Facing the prospect of serving up to 20 years in prison as a child molester, and likely never seeing his family again, the client accepted the plea bargain.

Juvenile defendant charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder, released from detention over the strenuous objections of the probation department.

Masseuse charged with Sexual Battery in Fairfax City for inappropriate touching of a client’s genital area during a massage.  Charge was reduced to Assault and Battery with no jail time.

Client charged with Sexual Solicitation of a Minor over the Internet, released from jail after successful bond motion.

Defendant charged in Federal Court after being caught shoplifting from the PX at Ft. Belvoir.  Case dismissed prior to trial pursuant to agreement with the prosecutor.

Driving While Intoxicated charge in Fairfax County.  Client found guilty but no jail time and restricted license authorized.

March 2017:  Client originally accused of Rape and Sodomy in case arrising from sexual acts performed with intoxicated minor and video-taped.  Charged with Production of Child Pornography but was able to plead guilty to Unlawful Video Taping of a Minor and avoid the Sex Offender Registry.  Judge nevertheless sentenced to three years based on the aggregious nature of the conduct to the unconsenting minor victim.

March 2017:  Domestic Assault charge in Arlington J&DR Court.  Case dismissed.

March 2017:  DUI appeal in Alexandria Circuit Court.

March 2017:  Client charged with criminal Reckless Driving (80/55) in Fairfax County Traffic Court, had charge reduced to simple speeding (65/55).

March 2017:  Defendant charged in Fairfax with Felony Grand Larceny for shoplifting at Nordstrom’s in Fair Oaks Mall.  Charge was reduced to misdemeanor Petit Larceny with no active jail time.

March 2017:  Defendant and his brother charged with Possession of Marijuana in Federal Court.  At defendant’s request, he was able to take responsibility for the charge in exchange for the government dropping the case against his brother (who was already on probation in state court).

February 2017:  Bond motion in Arlington for middle school teacher charged with sexual battery against two of his students.  Bond granted in the Juvenile Court but prosecution appealed and Circuit Court judge denied bond.

February 2017:  Father charged with Petit Larceny and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor for shoplifting with his two children present.  Contributing charge was dropped and Shoplifting case to be dismissed after 50 hours of community service.

Febuary 2017:  Father in the midst of custody battle charged with Assault and Battery of his son.  Found not guilty after trial in juvenile and domestic relations court.

February 2017:  Client charged with DUI and Refusal in Fairfax County General District Court.  Rejected plea offers and took the case to trial.  The judge convicted him of Refusal but dismissed the DUI.

February 2017:  Defendant in Federal Court in the Eastern District of Virginia sentenced to straight probation for the crime of Making False Statements on immigration applications.

January 2017:  Client charged with DUI and Refusal after Fairax County Police found him passed out behind the wheel at a traffic light.  Had prior DUI several years before.  Proscution agreed to dismiss the DUI charge in exchange for a plea to the Refusal.

January 2017:  Client charged with Possession of Marijuan in the Town of Vienna Court.  Case was dismissed by nolle prosequi pursuant to agreement with the prosecutor.

January 2017:  Sentencing in Loudoun County Circuit Court on Felony Shoplifting case.  Client had 6 prior larceny charges, but attorney was able to present mitigation evidence of client’s significant mental health issues.  Judge gave straight probation with no active jail time.

January 2017:  Sentencing in Fairfax County Circuit Court on Distribution of Marijuana charge.  Sentencing Guidelines recommended three to six months of incarceration, but judge gave client two weeks and a short period of probation.

January 2017: Client caught Driving on a Suspended License in Arlington after several prior convictions, was able to avoid an active jail sentence.

January 2017:  Defendant with lengthy record sentenced for Distribution of Schedule I or II Drug in Fairfax County Circuit.  Guidelines called for significant period of probation.  Attorney’s mitigation argument convinced judge to give minimal jail time and a chance on probation.

January 2017:  Client charged with Fraudulent Registration and Possession of Marijuana in Arlington County. Fraud charge was dropped and defendant received deferred finding (.251 disposition) on marijuana charge.

January 2017:  Defendant charged with Assault and Battery in Prince William Juvenile Court.  Accusation involved allegation of excessive force by a teacher in a martial arts studio.  Found not guilty at trial.

January 2017:  Client charged with sexual battery for groping a waitress at Hooters in Fairfax City.  Attorney negotiated case dismissal pursuant to an Accord and Satisfaction.