2018 Attorney Case Results

Distribution of Heroin and MDNA in Fairfax.  Sentencing Guidelines recommended almost 2 years in prison.  Judge gave defendant time-served (6 months) and ordered him into drug treatment.

Federal Sentencing for Receiving Child Pornography.  Defendant facing guidelines recommendation of 10-12 years in prison.  After hearing evidence and arguments in mitigation, Judge gave the lowest sentence she was allowed to give – 5 years mandatory per the statute – and said if she could have given lower, she would have.

Defendant convicted of Stalking after trial.  Evidence showed the 54 year old man had made repeated unwanted advances towards 22 year old co-worker, and then tried to follow her to Canada to find her at college.  Sentenced to only 30 days in light of some mental health issues.

Contributing to the Delinquencey of a Minor charge against father dismissed.

Felony Embezzlement charge in Fairfax reduced to misdemeanor with 30 day jail sentence, even though defendant had to prior embezzlement convictions on his record.

Grand Larceny case in which shoplifter with > 30 prior theft offenses on his record, in 6 different states, was caught stealing from 4 different stores in Tyson’s Corner Mall.  Thousands of dollars of merchandise was found in his car and hotel room.  Sentenced to only 6 months in jail.

Bond motion for defendant charged with multiple counts of Aggravated Sexual Battery for allegedly molesting his niece.  Client has no record and vehemently denies all charges.   Released on bail after bond motion appealed.

Woman charged with domestic violence for getting in fight with adult sister.  Case dismissed in Fairfax J&DR Court.

Failure to Pay Full Time and Attention trial in which defendant accused of hitting man on bicycle.  Not Guilty.

Reckless Driving speeding case in Fairfax reduced to 4 point traffic infraction.

Bond motion for man charged with Domestic Violence Malicous Wounding for allegedly breaking his girlfriend’s finger during an argument.  Bond motion granted and defendant allowed to return home to California pending trial.

Sentencing in Fairfax for defendant originally charged with Robbery as part of large-scale shoplifting ring which used pepper spray on store security to escape.  Charge was reduced to Grand Larceny and defendant sentenced to less than 1 year to serve.

Defendant accused of rape hired attorney during investigation stage.  No charges filed after discussions and providing information to Detective.

Possession of Marijuana charge in Fairfax.  Case dismissed.

Grand Larceny shoplifting case in Fairfax reduced to misdemeanor with no active jail sentence.

Domestic Assault / Child Abuse in Arlington.  Case to be dismissed after one year of keeping the peace.

Felony Possession With Intent To Distribute Charge in Fairfax.  Defendant found with 1 1/2 pounds of marijuana, $6000 in cash, and marijuana flake mixed in with the cash.  Charge reduced to a misdemeanor with one month jail sentence to serve.