2019 Case Results

Defendant sentenced in Fairfax County for Distribtution of Cocaine.  Sentencing Guidelines recommended 7 months to 1 year 5 months.  Defendant had tested positive for using marijuana while on bond. Judge granted straight probation with no active jail sentence.

Possession with Intent To Distribute Marijuana charge reduced to simple possession with dimissal after completion of 1st offender (“251”) program.

Possession of Marijuana charge in Fairfax dismissed by nolle prosequi.  Eligible for expungement.

Juvenile Driving without a License charge in Prince William County dismissed after performance of community service.

Possession of Marijuana charge in Fairfax dismissed by nolle prosequi.  Eligible for expungement.

Federal Court sentencing for Conspiracy to Commit Counterfeiting.  Government alleged $78,000 and sought restitution in same amount, as well as sentence of 24 – 36 months.  After argument Court only granted $600 in restitution and sentenced defendant to 12 months.

Grand Larceny shoplifting of over $1700 worth of merchandise.  Case reduced to misdemeanor with no active jail time.

DUI with possible Hit & Run Accident.  BAC > .15% which triggered 5 day mandatory minimum time if convicted.  Case reduced to standard 1st offense DUI with no elevated BAC.  No active jail time and client was able to get restricted license on the day of court.

Grand Larceny shoplifting in Fairfax for stealing 2 vacuums worth over $600 from Target.  Case reduced to misdemeanor with no active jail sentence.

Juvenile charged with Felony Drug Possession for Vaping THC oil.  Faced denial of financial aid for college and permanent record if convicted.  Charge reduced to misdemeanor and will be dismissed after drug class and community service.

Juvenile charged with multiple counts of Production of Child Pornography.  Disposition provides for therapy and probation, and charge to be reduced to misdemeanor or completely dismissed if compliant, giving client chance to avoid permanent public record as felony sex offender.

Defendent sentenced for Robbery, Abduction, Use of a Firearm, and Mob Assault.  Had been facing mandatory minimum of three years in prison, with sentencing guidelines calling for 5 – 8 years.  Most serious charges dropped through plea negotiations.  Sentenced to 24 months.

DUI 2nd (actually 4th on record), with BAC of .18.  Defendant faced 30 days of mandatory minimum time but was reduced to 20 days.

Obtaining Money by False Pretenses charge in Fairfax.  Allegation was defendant participated in a scheme which defrauded the victim of $50,000.  Case dismissed after attorney convinced prosecutor there was insufficient evidence to convict.

Driving on Suspended (2nd Offense) and Reckless Driving case in Fairfax.  Driving on Suspended charge dropped in exchange for plea to Reckless Driving.  No jail sentence and no additional license suspension.

Juvenile charged with Felony Destruction of Property.  Case dismissed pursuant to plea negoations, community service, and restitution.

Sentencing on 2 counts of Grand Larceny in Fairfax.  Defendant’s criminal record spanned 8 pages in the Pre-Sentence Report.  Sentencing Guidelines called for up to 4 years in prison.  After hearing sentencing argument in mitigation, judge gave reduced jail time and ran it concurrent with other sentence already being served, resulting in no additional jail time for these offenses.

Mother originally charged with Felony Child Neglect for allegedly leaving the state with her 11 year old at home.  Attorney was able to get the charge completely dismissed after fully litigating all of the facts and circumstances of the case.