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Fairfax criminal lawyers defending against gun crimes and other weapons charges in state and federal court.

There are two different types of weapons offenses that may be charged in Virginia. The first is unlawful possession of a firearm or carrying a concealed weapons violation. The second is the use of a firearm or other weapon to during the commission of a drug crime, robbery or other offense. At the Sprano Law Firm in Fairfax, Virginia, our attorneys have experience handling cases involving all types of weapons charges.

If you need information about the best way to defend a weapons offense of either variety, contact our gun crimes defense lawyers in Fairfax for a free consultation.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Advice and Guidance

Our attorneys provide representation to clients who are facing issues such as:

  • Concealed weapons offenses
  • Felon in possession of a firearm
  • Violation of the gun restrictions associated with a domestic violence conviction or restraining order
  • Gun charges related to probation violations
  • Gun charges attached to gang affiliation or crimes committed for the benefit of a gang
  • Gun charges related to federal drug investigations or indictments
  • False statements in attempt to purchase a firearm

Depending on the circumstances, weapons charges can be filed and handled in either state or federal court. If your situation is somewhat in the middle and could go either way, our lawyers will work to keep your case in the Virginia state court system if at all possible.   If successful, this often result in us being able to negotiate more favorable terms, during plea bargaining, as state prosecutors typically have more flexibility than the federal government allows.

  • For weapons offenses that are handled in state court, it may be possible to pursue probation as your sentence, even on a guilty plea in a felony case. Sometimes this is because of the defense lawyer’s ability to convince the prosecutor that you are an appropriate candidate for a second chance, while other times it may result from the attorney’s success in raising some doubts about the strength of the prosecutor’s case.
  • If the charge is filed in federal court, we have less flexibility. For example, if you are found guilty of a gun charge related to a federal drug offense, there’s a mandatory minimum five-year prison sentence. There are still some options to avoid or at least minimize those consequences however, so it is important to contact us as soon as possible once you learn you are going to be charged.

Using the Facts of Your Case to Offer Your Best Defense Options

We are dedicated to providing you with a thorough understanding of the potential punishments you may be facing while constructing a case that is designed to achieve the best possible outcome. You will have the choice between accepting a plea agreement, meaning you plead guilty or fight the charges at trial. Our lawyers will guide you through these choices and help to explain how each outcome may impact your life.

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