Legal Defense Against Drug Distribution Charges In Northern Virginia

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Experienced criminal defense lawyers at the Sprano Law Firm provide effective representation in drug distribution cases to get the best results possible for their clients.

Defense Lawyers for Drug Distribution Charges in Northern Virginia

If you have been arrested and accused of selling, distributing or trafficking of drugs in Fairfax or  anywhere in Northern Virginia, you need to find the best criminal defense lawyer you can afford.  These are serious charges with very significant consequences.  Not only will they result in a criminal record, they will often involve jail time or sometimes even  the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence.  Our attorneys can help.  Our years of experience with the resolution of serious state and federal drug charges of all kinds can help us achieve a favorable outcome in many cases through either effective trial defense or effective plea negotiations.

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In both the state and federal systems in Northern Virginia, the prosecution usually hesitates to file drug trafficking charges unless it has very strong evidence against the defendant. In the vast majority of cases, a local or federal investigator will have a record of hand-to-hand sales to an undercover narcotics detective or informant. In other situations, the intent to distribute will be implied from the quantity of drugs or cash seized from the defendant’s home, car or person.

Even if you’re facing strong evidence, the work of a skilled drug crimes defense lawyer can make a powerful difference. Our first move will be to find a way to attack the evidence supporting the distribution charges through challenges to a search warrant, an unwarranted search or the credibility of a confidential informant.

When a motion to suppress the evidence succeeds, the charges are usually dropped. Even if the evidence remains in the case against you, however, the attorneys of the Sprano Law Firm will do everything possible to minimize the impact. We not only continue to work on compromise charges with limits on the punishment you’ll face, we can also work toward sentences of probation, work release, treatment, community service, and in the last resort, the lightest term of incarceration possible.

Our lawyers’ reputation for skill at trial gives our clients additional leverage in working toward acceptable plea arrangements and helps us consistently obtain the best results possible for our clients.  For additional information about our approach to client service in state or federal drug distribution and possession cases, contact the Sprano Law Firm in Fairfax for a free consultation.

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