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If you are charged with a drug possession offense anywhere in Northern Virginia, the experienced criminal defense lawyers at the Sprano Law Firm in Fairfax can help.

Defense Lawyers for Drug Possession Charges in Northern Virginia

Charges of possession of drugs like cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, ecstasy, acid, pcp, lsd, mdma, and prescription drugs, can be extremely challenging for defense attorneys to overcome. At the Sprano Law Firm in Fairfax, Virginia, our lawyers each bring decades of experience in drug crimes defense to every case. We use that experience to carefully search for opportunities and defenses. Our drug crimes lawyers are knowledgeable about all issues related to unlawful search and seizure, improper traffic stops, vehicle searches, search warrants, pat downs, and other Fourth Amendment issues that might give rise to a motion to suppress the evidence against you.  If we can file a motion to suppress in order to get the evidence thrown out and the case dismissed, we will do so.

If winning outright is not possible, our lawyers will negotiate and advocate to keep the number and severity of charges as well as the sentence to a minimum, avoiding jail or prison time if possible

Northern Virginia Drug Possession Charges

Drug possession charges, involving possession of cocaine, crack, heroine, fentanyl, acid, meth, or any of the other so called “street drugs”, can come in many forms. You could be charged with possession even when the police find no more than residue. You could be charged with constructive possession if you are around someone who is in possession of a drug, or if you are in a vehicle in which drugs are discovered. If the quantity of drugs found in your possession is large, you might even by charged with possession with intent to distribute.

There are a lot of reasons you can be charged, but being accused does not mean you will be convicted. There are defenses available, but only if you find an experienced and highly skilled criminal defense lawyer to represent you.   No matter what the charge is, you can be confident that our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers can defend you.

Virtually any illegal drug possession charge in Virginia is considered a felony.  Hiring a qualified drug crimes defense lawyer is essential if you want to do everything you can to protect your future

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