Field Sobriety Tests


Experienced DUI defense lawyers in Fairfax know how to challenge improperly conducted field sobriety tests.

Is Your DUI Case Based on a Defective Field Sobriety Test?

There are many ways to attack the evidence in a DUI case. An experienced defense attorney knows how to look for facts that can challenge an officer’s decision to pull a car over, to administer a field sobriety test or to make an arrest. If we can get your case dismissed for lack of probable cause sufficient to support a valid arrest, we don’t need to worry about the blood or breath test evidence.

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In Northern Virginia, field sobriety test evidence plays an important role both in supporting the decision to arrest a driver on suspicion of DUI and in proving intoxication at trial. To learn how a knowledgeable lawyer can use the field sobriety test to your advantage, contact the Sprano Law Firm in Fairfax for a free consultation.

A field sobriety test is the set of physical tasks a police officer asks a driver to perform after stopping the car on suspicion of drunk driving. Counting backwards, following a flashlight or finger with your eyes, (nystagmus test), the one leg stand, and the 9-step walk and turn, are some of the more common tests. The officer records the results in the police report, and can testify later on about these observations to strengthen the case for conviction.  In many cases the entire test is recorded through the dashboard camera of the police car, which can sometimes help bolster the officer’s testimony, but sometimes not!

Our familiarity with the standards relating to field sobriety testing helps us undermine the police reports both in pretrial motions and at trial. Many officers make mistakes in administering the tests, or test people who shouldn’t be asked to perform them. Our job is to show that the officer’s mistakes in administering the tests should keep the field sobriety results from being used against our client.

Our lawyers have years of expertise challenging the conduct and results of field sobriety tests in DUI cases.  To find out if this type of defense is available in your case, contact the Sprano Law Firm in Fairfax for a free consultation.

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