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Skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyers at the Sprano Law Firm have successfully represented thousands of individuals on DUI on other serious traffic charges in Northern Virginia Courts.

Our attorneys at the Sprano Law Firm in Fairfax handle cases throughout Northern Virginia on behalf of drivers who have been accused of or arrested for drunk driving (DUI) and other serious traffic violations. We focus our attention on providing you with the representation you need in order to obtain the best possible resolution of your  case. Our legal team works tirelessly to protect your right to drive and your career when it is affected by the criminal charges you are facing.

Contact us in Fairfax to learn how our experienced DUI defense attorneys can help you in criminal traffic cases of all kinds.

Experienced DUI Defense Lawyers in Northern Virginia

As part of our drunk driving defense, we offer tailored services from criminal defense attorneys who can handle any and all DUI-related matters, including:

  • First-offense DUI
  • Repeat DUI, including previous felony cases based on out-of-state DUI or DWI convictions
  • Accident-related felony charges such as DUI manslaughter or battery
  • Driver’s license suspension hearings related to DUI
  • Underage or commercial driver DUI cases with a blood alcohol level below .08 percent
  • Serious traffic offenses such as hit-and-run or fleeing an officer
  • Reckless driving or extreme speeding
  • Driving on a suspended license

Individuals who are first-time DUI defendants soon learn that a number of the same investigation and negotiation skills that our lawyers possess can be applied to a drunk driving case much in the same way that they are utilized in the more serious felony cases that we handle.  As always, we examine all of the aspects of the case, including any field sobriety tests that were administered, the police procedures used during the actual arrest and the blood alcohol test, in order to determine which facts may be suppressed or used to your advantage.

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To learn how experienced defense lawyers can help you get through the ordeal of a drunk driving arrest, contact the Sprano Law Firm in Fairfax for a free consultation. Call 703-763-0979 or 866-936-5614 for a DUI defense attorney’s advice.

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