The Sprano Law Firm, LLP – Firm Overview | Video Transcript

If you are looking for the best criminal defense lawyer for your Northern Virginia criminal case, call and make an appointment with the attorneys at the Sprano Law Firm today. They have successfully defended thousands of defendants against felony and misdemeanor charges in state and federal courts.

[GRAPHIC: The SPRANO Law Firm, LLP,, (703) 763-0979, 10603 Judicial Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030]

MICHAEL SPRANO: I’m Mike Sprano of the Sprano Law Firm. Between my partner Alene and I, we have over 25 years of experience representing individuals charged with every sort of criminal case you can imagine in northern Virginia courts. There literally isn’t any type of criminal case that we can’t handle. No lawyer can change the facts. While we’d like to win every case that comes into our doors, the reality is that that isn’t always possible. But the things that good lawyers do make a huge difference in the outcome of a case. And those differences are significant.

The difference could be between a felony conviction and a misdemeanor. It could be between jail and probation. I’m a trial lawyer. There’s nothing that I’m better at than standing up and giving a closing argument in a criminal case to a jury. So it’s extremely important to hire an attorney who has the knowledge, the experience, and the wisdom to give you the right advice on how to proceed with your case, who has the ability to not only win a case that can be won but also mitigate the consequences of those cases that can’t be necessarily won on the merits.

If your case can be won, we can win it. We have the experience, the know-how, and the ability to achieve the best possible outcome in every case.

[GRAPHIC: The SPRANO Law Firm, LLP,, (703) 763-0979, 10603 Judicial Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030]